Outdoor Team Building Activities,  Activities and adventure for enjoying the great outdoors

OUTDOOR Team Building Activities & Adventure

Outdoor team building activities take your group into the great outdoors and offer a variety of activities designed to unite, excite and create communication while working together as a team.



Outdoor team building activities - The Amazing race offers groups and teams thrills and spills in a ace to complete the challenges and reach the end first 

amazing race an extreme outdoor team building activity




A race in real time, clues, challenges and adventure. A wacky, fun filled activity and outdoor adventure – a race through the African bush, country side, forest or suburbia. You’ve watched the Amazing Race on TV, NOW live it. Clues are given that will guide you through your race through to the next point. At every point a particular challenge has to be completed before you can get your next clue and move onto the next. Great team building. A race on foot or by vehicle to see which team wins.

wonderland offers huge fun outdoors and some pretty good team work is needed to beat the odds 

Wonderland is a creative and entertaining outdoor teambuilding action activity




Flamingo croquet, red queens, giant cards, mad hatter, & fantastical activities. Tumble down the rabbit hole into a world of intrigue, fun and fantastical outdoor activities. A wonderful interactive event and teambuilding. This exciting teambuilding is tailored for companies looking to shake things up a little, get everybody talking, laughing, and interacting. Adventure after adventure will ensure the ultimate reaction and response from delegates. If communication and getting to know each other is your ultimate goal, then Wonderland has to be your choice for either a half or full day team building.


The African Bush Adventure is an extreme team building activity with lots of action 

African Bush Adventure is a form of extreme outdoor activity and team building




Africa is not for the faint hearted! In this exciting team building activity, Tribal rules are given. Pick up on the live spoor of an animal. Forage for specific supplies. In order to eat you have to be able to hit certain targets with either a catapult or air gun. Get your supplies across to the other side of the dam. Build a raft to get it there. The race is on. Track back to civilization using a crude map to guide you.

Survivor team building challenge is all about survival of the fittest 

Survivor Challenge is an extreme outdoor teambuilding activity




Lies, War, subterfuge, secrets, challenges, 1 Day, and you are castaways and now, it’s down to one Survivor TEAM ... you have been stranded ! You are a tribe with nowhere to go and there is no way out! Challenges and obstacles are all around you.  It takes team work – work together, think together, win together. An excellent teambuilding activity.

Ice and Fire is a game of thromes styled team building with lots of adventure and activity for all 

Ice and Fire Adventure - a full day of exciting teambuilding




Enter a realm of kings, dragons, kingdoms, weaponry and intrigue. A Game of Thrones Adventure LIVE! Enter a day of Kings, knights, war, chivalry, fantastic creatures and intrigue ... and just who is competing for the throne? You are! This thrilling full day or half day team build is comprised of 4 different adventure packed segments. The Kingdoms, Weaponry, Tournament Games and Dragoneering. Discover hidden latent talents, learn more about your comrades and yourself in a day that is sure to thrill and bring out the best in each of you. Teambuilding at its best.


as an outdoor team building activity, the beach and bush olympics is hard to beat for popularity 

Bush Olympics offers Great outdoor teambuilding sport action




An interactive event and activity filled with fun and laughter! Great for building morale and interacting with each other. A lot of traditional fun filled sports with some interesting twists. Activity sport challenges include; Go down! Bamboozled, Catty Shoot, Steel Balls, Kudu Droll Spoeg and Balloon race.

Indiana Jones Adventure is a team building loosely based on the dynamic Indiana Jones movie Series 

team building with the Indiana Jones Challenge




Djembe war cries, spears and paintball, bridges, racing, art, giant puzzles. Themed on the exciting Indiana Jones movie series. Compete in a number of exciting unique but challenging events in order to collect artifacts which are used to construct a fictional warrior. Challenges encountered include the ultimate djembe drum war-cry, spear and paintball challenges, Inflatable bridge, raft or tower construction and an activity course. High speed radio control car racing. GPS orienteering, art challenge and giant puzzles.

Anything Goes is a sporty outdoor activity with quirky games  

Horse Shoe Pole part of the Anything Goes team building activity




Quirky sports, can u rock, wellie chucking, horse shoe toss, sack it and rock marbles. Fun Filled sporty activities where “Anything Goes”, quirky games guaranteed to bring out the best nature in everyone. Interesting games that will get the imaginations going while learning some new tricks! And so it does in this crazy assortment of really unusual sporty activities. Challenges in which to have a good laugh, let off a little steam and enjoy some good old competitive spirit Activity challenges include; Can U Rock, Wellie chucking, Horse Shoe toss, Ball Boule, Sack It and Rock Marbles.

a team building outdoor activity- Bulls Eye of the Ages test mans ability 

Teambuilding action activity - Bulls Eye of the Ages




Test out your skills and compete for the bulls-eye using 5 different weapons used over the ages, in five different challenges and explore the principles of each weapon. Throughout the ages man has always had needs of weaponry for both food and protection. Man had need to be able to protect itself and have an intimate and working knowledge of the various weapons that are available in their arsenal. Explore and master weaponry in this adventure through time. Discover with surprise, that life was not that easy in days gone by. This team building activity requires coordination and builds confidence within every team member. The Weapons span a time frame from early Cave Days, the jungles of South America, the Wild West, the Dark Ages, WW1 through to Modern Man.

outdoor teambuilding activity - treasure hunt 

action activity - a treasure hunt




A treasure hunt with a difference! The treasure items are to be found or had somewhere. A list of treasure items to be hunted down and collected, either physically or digitally captured and teamwork is required. Challenging, fun, educational and a race against time. Each group’s items are given the thumbs up or thumbs down during judging by competing teams but the facilitators have the final say!

King of the Castle is a wonderfully creative and challenging outdoor team building exersize and activity 

King of the castle is a team building activity that creates communication, imagine and creativity but most of all team work!




Plan, communicate, imagine, build, create. Create a dream castle with running water and moats … allow your imaginations to run rampant as you compete against fellow team mates to create and build the ultimate castle residence. Beach or river sand is your main building tool, depending on your location and the province that your chosen venue is in. Design, engineer and build in this creative activity. Building add-ons supplied. Team Work is required.

uskaka team building challenge is a water park based challenge 





The uShaka Challenge team build is an exciting combination of the "Amazing Race” and “Fear Factor”. Delegates are challenged to navigate in and around this world class water park while completing nine very exciting, but challenging team activities. Wimpy challenge, conundrums, aquarium quiz, chicken run plunge to name a few. The focus is on fun while, the challenges are specifically structured to encourage fundamental team building outcomes such as, improved communication, cohesion and respect for roles and others. Activity Options: groups may choose either a 'dry' or a 'wet' challenge
(Venue Specific – uShaka Marine World - Durban- KZN)

Go-Cart Construction is an outdoor adventure activity 

a team building activity that involves building nad designing a race vehicle - just like in professional racing




Just like in professional racing, build a custom concept car in teams for a people-powered race. Elect your Pit Crew Boss, decide on your cars theme, create the blueprints, construct, design driver coveralls, safety procedures and checks in this team building. Then comes the moment everybody has worked toward and for, the race itself! Each team member must work together in their various roles to obtain glory in the winner’s circle.

Pirates of the East Coast is an outdoor activity and adventure challenge 

Become a pirate for a day in this team-building activity called Pirates of the East Coast




A team building adventure based around the Durban Point Waterfront. Themed around the popular Pirates of the Caribbean series, teams use the pirate map provided to complete the activities and emerge as the winning ‘crew’. As in the amazing race, groups travel around the area finding locations and completing tasks. At each location, there will be a manned activity (total of 7) that need to be completed. Activities include; Blow Dart Challenge, Raft Building, 3D Pirate Ship puzzle; Bury your team mate, Treasure Dig, Knotty Mess, Marsh Mallow Cannibal Challenge. (Venue specific – Durban Point Waterfront – Durban – KZN)

Cape Waterfront Challenge is a venue specific team building outdoor activity 

team building outdoors activity - cape waterfront challenge




This challenge happens around the Two Oceans Aquarium and the V&A waterfront where teams have to complete fun yet challenging tasks. A great way to discover Cape Town! The activities improve and work on team dynamics while everyone has fun at the same time.  Complete 9 challenges in this adventure activity. Polaroid Photo Challenge. Giant puzzles, interactive aquarium challenge, crafter zone, semi-precious stone hunt, Ice-Cream down down, Springbok museum hand off challenge, art challenge and the cocktail and harbor telescope challenge.
(Venue Specific – Two Oceans Aquarium and V&A Waterfront – Cape Town).

3D puzzle maze is an outdoor team building adventure activity that is venue specific to the Garden Route, Western Cape 

action activy teambuilding - a Life size giant puzzle maze




Get your grey matter going in this 3D life size Puzzle Maze! The first activity of it's kind in South Africa.  Test your strategic and creative thinking abilities. Explore the exciting Forest Puzzle walk which meanders through the natural forest. This  teambuilding adventure is situated in the heart of the beautiful Garden Route among blue mountains and rolling fields. Great for company team building, and groups or family units wanting to have an adventure that requires a little thought.  (Venue Specific - Plettenberg Bay- Garden Route, Western Cape)

 Paintball Wars is an outdoor team building activity and is an extreme activity

Paintball is an extreme adventure activity for teambuilding 




Fun war games offer a great activity for the stressed executive – work off your frustrations in a platoon or team. Get kitted up and sent out into the war zone, 2 teams are placed in the war arena at the same time. May the best team win.

Fire Walking is an extreme team building activity 

FireWalking-an extreme team building activity




A specialist fire walking facilitator is brought in to facilitate in this team building activity. This is an interactive team building session and fiery activity with self-discovery being part of this adventure. A good understanding of English is required for this challenging team building activity. An incredible team building exercise. The morning is spent in conference and in the afternoon, YOU get to do it !!

Kloofing and Canyoning provides an interesting and extreme outdoor advenuture activity 

kloofing and canyoning provide and extreme activity adventure for group teambuilding




Run the river, navigate through the river shallows, swim through natural tannin coloured fresh-water mountain pools, manoeuver down water slides and abseil waterfalls as you dip down into the river gorge in this exhilarating activity. First timer, novice or seasoned at canyoning they’ve got your back. Under professional guidance, using the latest spec adventure equipment your qualified guide will ensure a kloofing adventure you simply won’t get enough of.

Tree Top Tours or Zip Lining is an extreme outdoor activity 

tree-top or zip lining outdoor activity




A unique eco-wilderness adventure that takes place in amongst the tree tops. The scenery and bird life is spectacular and professional guides provide interesting facts about the local ecology. A great Teambuilding, group or company or school adventure activity.

River Rafting is an outdoor adventure activity 

river rafting is an extreme teambuilding activity




In South Africa, river rafting offers some awesome torrential rivers promising exhilarating white water and river rafting adventures. Novice teams as well as experts can experience hours of enjoyable and challenging outdoor team building in this great sporting activity.

a boat cruise is always an exciting outdoor activity for groups 





Enjoy a river or dam boat cruise and discover the beauty of nature while out on this serene yet exciting leisure adventure activity. Water soothes the soul and creates a mellow atmosphere in which to enjoy your colleagues company.

Quad Biking is an outdoor activity  

quad biking as an activity adventure




A quad bike adventure route through the bushveld, country side or trail. Dirt roads, dongas, nature and sometimes encounters with animals make this an exciting group team building activity experience.

fishing is an outdoor leisure activity for teams or groups to enjoy 

actionactivity-fishing for teams and groups




Fishing offers an interesting group activity, depending on which province you are in or decide to go to, there are various types of fishing available. Sea fishing, fly fishing, river or bass fishing are the more common types of fishing enjoyed. Many of these fishing activities are offered on a catch and release basis. Some require you to bring your own fishing equipment.


hotairballooning is an extreme adventure activity




Experience the thrill of silent flight as you soar through the sky in a hot air balloon. This is  a beautiful, soaring and very different team activity.

Sky Diving is an extreme outdoor activity 

Skydiving is an extreme teambuild activity




Live life to the full and Sky Dive! in this extreme outdoor activity. Experience free-fall over some the most scenic drop zones in the world. Start the experience with a short briefing. Then enjoy a 20 minute plane flight to 10,000 feet. Now the leisurely, scenic plane flight stops and the adrenaline starts to pump as you exit the plane with your Tandem Master and experience the rush of a 35 second free fall at 200KPH!

(Please note that not all venues can accommodate the all the outdoor team building activities that are on offer, and some of these outdoor activities are province or area specific. Activities are also subject to venue and facilitator availability and may not always be available at the venue you choose to stay at, should an activity be chosen that occurs at another venue, day venue charges and other conservation charges or fees may apply. Tell us what activity you fancy doing and we will point out the most ideal venues and areas that will be able to accommodate your particular choice.)
 Let us assist you in making your next team building activity and event one that will be remembered!

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