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THEMES and Interactive themes for entertainment and adventure

Themes and Interactive themes, whether you are team building, conferencing or having a function and you are looking for something different. These Interactive themes are sure to take your event to another level. Should the interaction not be required but you want and like the theme, which includes decor, special effects, props and table settings, no problem, simply let us know and we will quote you accordingly.

Let us assist you in making your next event one that will be remembered.  



wonderland is a themed event and interactive event for your next function, conference or team build

Themed evening- Wonderland themed evening




Wonderland is a light-hearted interaction based on the place called Wonderland where everybody has a part to play and anything can happen! it amkes for a very different and exciting event. Themed music, neon coloured mushrooms, giant cards, lively crazy signage, parasols, masks, top hats and bows, feather boas and clocks. Lively games, music, and entertainment.
(Interactive props, basic setting decor, themed music, some costumes and facilitator/s included)

Fire and Ice is an interactive theme based on Game of Thrones 

ice and fire interactive theme adventure evening or event




Fire and Ice is an action adventure packed interactive event with Kings, dragons, knights and ladies all making a show. Intrigue and collaboration, tournament games, masks, challenges, sword play, jousting, jesters and more. This Game of Thrones styled interactive event offers plenty of fun and excitement.
(Interactive props, basic setting décor, themed music, some costumes and facilitator/s are included)

Pirate themed evenings are evergreen and very popular 

Pirates of the Caribbean themed event




Pirates of the Caribbean is a fun filled interaction jam packed with pirates, captains, ships and treasure. Pirate shanties, pirate music, costumes and props set the mood. Dice, swords, cutlasses, dunkem, hook play, creatures of the deep show down and exotic oceanic entertainment. Offering you Rollicking  adventure in a fun filled theme and adventure event.
(Interactive props, basic setting décor, themed music, some costumes and facilitator/s are included      

Wild West themed evenings are great fun and a popular theme choice 

wild west themed interactive event 




Wild Wild West theme enters a world of cowboys, madams, outlaws, Indian chiefs and princesses. Wild west themed music sets the mood. Guns, ropes, laws and lawlessness, line dancing, pitch poker, scalping, and a pinto and cowpony showdown. All in true Cowboy & Indian fashion, an adventurous and fun filled event.
(Interactive props, setting décor, basic setting decor, themed music, some costumes and facilitator/s are included)       

Theme evening based on an African Safari- where better to enjoy this themed event than in South Africa 

African Safari Themed event and interaction for team building




In the African Safari theme the mystery, beauty and power of Africa reveals herself. African safari offers all the beauty, elegance and essence of the African Bush. African Rhythms, hula antics, animal calls, mopani challenge, dice dare and drums all combine in this exciting themed event. 
(Interactive props, basic setting décor, themed music, some costumes and facilitator/s are included)

All that Jazz  themes on the music of the 1920's era, flappers, pearls and saxophones 

an interactive jazz themed event




The Seduction of Jazz, smooth dance and flappers. Who doesn't love the lively and saucy sounds of Jazz. Flappers, Saxophones, trumpets, pearls, pianos and feathers. Costumes are to be brought with you.
(Interactive props, basic setting décor, themed music, some costumes and facilitator/s are included)

Rock and Roll themed events and themed interaction is a sure fire winner, based on the 50's and 60's 

rock and roll themed event and  Interactive event




The Rock and Roll extravaganza relives the era of the Ducktails and the Mods. Drag races, yo-yo bounce, quivering shakes, basket case and jelly bean roll, the hand jive, rock and roll, meet Elvis and more in this in this 60’s based rocking adventure and interactive event.
(Interactive props, basic setting decor, themed music, some costumes and facilitator/s are included)

Hollywood theme brings all the glitz and glamour of Hollywood into play  

hollywood themed event and interaction




Hollywood is eternal beauty. Glitz, glamour and gossip of Hollywood are all brought into play in this glittering glamorous interactive theme. An event offering you all the glitz and the glamour of beautiful personalities, diamonds and jewels, top hats and tails. Pull out all the stops, living legends, gossip guile, red carpet moves and card play make this a highly entertaining event. Enter the world of the rich and famous for an evening and live the dream, the dream that is Hollywood.
(Interactive props, basic setting décor, themed music, setting décor, some costumes and facilitator/s are included)

Casino Royale is a theme event based on all that glitters and of course everything that James Bond is famous for 

Casino Royale Theme Event and interactive event




Casino Royale Interactive entertainment embodies everything that James Bond is famous for. beautiful people, casino play, thoroughbred antics, guns and gadgets, spy tactics and daring feats all feature in this, the popular Casino Royale themed event.
This theme can be further built on with a fully mobile and licensed casino set-up. Life-size tables, croupiers, a casino manager, decor and themed funny money for a complete day or evenings entertainment.
(Interactive props, themed music, some costumes and facilitator/s are included)

Murder Mystery Evenings bring an air of drama to an evening 

Murder Mystery Event




The year is 1942, The Place is Casablanca, a murder takes place and the mystery has to be solved, one of you is the murderer, any ideas!!  This Game is played while dining.
(A minimum of 8 people required - or 10/12 people per table.)
(Costumes to be brought – you will be allocated a role before arrival and dressing to character is half the fun of the Murder Mystery activity.)

 Other themes; Mardi Gras, Feathers and Pearls, Starlight, Enchanted Forest, Beach Party, Rainbow Nation, Rio, Mexicana, black and gold or you might like to consider a combination crossover of two or more!

With all of the above themed events, dining can be coordinated to match the theme. Specialist lighting, professional venue decor, mc's and entertainers can be incorporated for a truly spectacular themed event.

Are you looking for other kinds of entertainment such as a live band, a comedian, clown, dancers or a professional or guest speaker?  then have a look at our entertainers page or click here.
Let us assist you in making your next team building activity and event one that will be remembered!

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